CVL grid mesh


I am a new user and I’ve started recently to learn the software and become familiar with that. I have a quick question. I am using CVL Grid to create a mesh. I don’t know how can I make sure that splines are drawn correctly and are in the best position to create a very orthogonal grid? Also I am wondering if the grids should have the same size?



The best way to proceed while creating grids for real water bodies is to have shoreline in p2d or shapefile format with UTM projection. Having a p2d file as the background would help us to guide on creating spline lines. So, you can create splines following the shoreline of your water body. Then create splines lines following your shoreline. You can have as many points in splines as possible. If you are creating splines in a meandering river, you will have to choose as many points as possible so you follow your boundary file as close as possible. After that create grids. Creating orthogonal grids is an art and practice. You will need to do series of iterations of global and local orthogonalization, smooth functions and fix line function that is very handy. The grids don’t have to have same size. If you want to make them of similar size then you can use smooth function. Please look at our users manual to follow how each functionality in CVLgrid work.