Curvilinear grid type

Hi all,

I’m trying to create a curvilinear grid for Klamath river and I don’t have access to CVLGrid. Is there any other way that I can create my grid cells?

I also tried to import the .sdf files from HEC-Georas but it didn’t work.

Do you guys have any solution for that or maybe some input files as an example?


Hello Amir,

I looked at Klamath River in Google earth and it seems a long meandering river in which cartesian grid might not be feasible option. So, you are right you might need some kind of curvilinear grid generation tool. EFDC Explorer has its native curvilinear grid generation tool, however, it is not as robust as CVL grid and you will need more data to create a grid. There is another software “grid95” that you could download from our website but it is very buggy and very limited in terms of functional capabilities compared to CVL grid.

I would suggest you to request for the trial license for the CVL grid. I believe it is 10 day trial license where you could import shape files, georeferenced images which would help you to guide in creating grids which follows the river shore very closely and curvilinear grid with less orthogonal deviation. Another advantage of using CVL grid is that you could always bring in your existing EFDC model and make some changes to the grid (for example add, reduce or change dimension) and it will not impact your boundaries and initial condition. Grid generation and model calibration / evaluation is a iterative process. So, if you think you will be spending some time with your model and will do number of iterations to make it better so that it would be used to predict some behavior in the river, going for the curvilinear grid would be the good option.

I hope it helps.

Janesh Devkota