Compare bathymetry data

Dear All,
I have two set bathymetry measurement data (at the beginning simulation and end of the simulation), I use Bathymetry measurement data at the beginning simulations as an initial bed condition. I want to compare bathymetry measurement data at the end simulations with model results. Get you explain how to compare the bottom elevation between the model results with field data at the end of the simulation?

Yes, EE allows you to do that by load the second model to compare the model results as well as the bathymetry. Please see{REMOVED}After loading successful, you go to 2D planview and Press Alt+m to see the result. Best regards,

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Dear Efdc team,
Thank you very must for your answer.
I try to do that. But I still have a problem.
I think :
base model = current result model
compare model 1 = second bathimetri data (bathimetri data measurement in the end of simulation)
What is the file type of compare model? I can not load the compare model (please see the attachement).

Hello dyah,

Yes, you are correct i.e base model = current result model.

Compared result model = the folder where all the EFDC input model files are stored.

The following is the option window you get in EFDC 6. I am not sure which version of EFDC model you are using.

Then you click browse and find the location of another model which you want to compare with. After you uploaded the model, click on “Enable Model Comparisons” on the bottom right of the form.

Then under viewing options you would be able to compare bathymetry as shown by xuantinh.

For detailed instructions visit this blog post.
Janesh Devkota

Thanks Mr. Janesh.
Does this mean I must generate new model with second bathymetry data? so the second bathymetry data appear in the “folder INP file” (initial condition of new model) and then I compare the current result model and the initial condition of new model?

Hello Dyah,

I think it would be better to create second model with new bathymetry data so that it would be easier to compare using EFDC model.


Hello Janesh,
I have tried to create a new model of second bathymetry data, then I compred. But that can be compared only the initial bathymetry beetwen 1st model and 2nd model. What I need is to compare the bathymetry results of 1st model simulations and initial bathymetry of 2nd model. Are I do still wrong? Do you have any suggestions for this?

Hello Dyah,

What parameters are you simulating in your first model ? As far as I understand if you just simulate flow, temperature, salinity and dye your bottom elevation wouldn’t change. So comparing the simulation bottom elevation or initial bottom elevation would yield the same values.


Hi Janesh,
I simulate flow and sediment so that the bottom elevation change. What happens is: The 1st model results can only be compared with the2nd model result within the same time simulation. 1st model results can not be compared with the initial condition of 2nd model. this that can be compared is the initial condition1st model and initial condition 2nd Model. Do you have any ideas to overcome this ?

Dear EFDC Team,
I have comparison between 1st model result and initial bathymetryof 2nd model. First, I running the 2nd model with zero input during the same time simulation as 1st model, so i have bottom elevation result of 2nd model which is same as initial bathynetry of 2nd model. Then I compare the model result.