Cloud cover data

Hi Tom,I am preparing an atmospheric data file for my study area. I have downloaded the cloud cover data, but it is in a different format. How can I change this data to fit in EFDC-Explorer atmospheric data format? Do I need to divide each cloud cover value in the table by 9?Thank you.

Hi PK,In EE you can apply the “fractional cloud cover” (0: clear, 1: fully covered) as a time series in the Atmospheric Pressure Forcing box (inside the Hydrodynamics module). So based on the data and its description you provide, you should probably try to map the description with corresponding numbers first. As an example, 1=clear -> 0 or 5=obscured -> 1.As for retrieving the cloud cover value from data, since you only need the last digit for cloud coverage, applying a mod function in excel can be one of the options.Hope this answers your question!