Can I model a pressurized flow with hydraulic structure

I am trying to set up the downstream boundary condition, it is essentially a all-time submerged pipe.

Is it possible to model the outlet pipe with hydraulic structure? If so, how can i setup this boundary condition? I tried:
1 add hydraulic control structure boundary right at the pipe cell,
2 add head-flow curve, where the head is the water level at the cell right upstream of the pipe, and the flow is calculated
3 choose hydraulic structure option to Q = Q(h)(LLL*T)
4 choose Flow control type to Flow derived from Elevation Or Pressure Difference (not sure which one to choose among the three options here, the head-flow curve is developed by another hydraulic software, which outputs the pipe flows at different right upstream water levels)

Thanks for any suggestions,


Your option 3 should work ok as this is the standard approach for flow. You may need to edit the efdc.inp file for the hydraulic structure if you configured it incorrectly. Alternatively you could externally calculate a flow series and use that.