Calibration with flows

Hi. good day.I’m doing a hydrodynamic model of a river. The model is already working.I have measured flows in the river. I want to know if it is possible to calibrate the model with flows?or will I have to calibrate with velocities?In the section “model calibratio” I can not find the parameter “flow”.

Hi Fernando,In order to compare model flow result with the measured flow data, you should be using the “Flux Comparisons” instead of the “Time Series Comparisons”.Inside the “Flux Comparisons” you will need to first define how many time series you would like to compare, then for each flow comparison, it requires a flux line and the measured flow data file.You can draw a flux line easily in the “ViewPlan” by activating polyline tools (a pencil icon).Hope this answers your question!

More information on flow calibration can be found on the Knowledge Base:

Thanks for your answers, it was very helpful. I configured the flux comparisons, and the results in the graphs are negative for some sections.