Calculation of Flow by EFDC

I have a simple 1-D model setup.
The model predicted flow is on average double the flow I calculate using the cross-sectional area and predicted model velocity. For instance, in my calibration cell, I have a width of 42.2 meters and a length of 88.214 m. At one particular time step, I have a depth of 4.73 m and a velocity of 1.42 m/s. The model predicted flow is 603.3 cubic meters per second. Can you explain how the model is calculating flow? It seems to be calculating based on the cross-sectional average of the cell length, rather than the cell width. However, there are no cells connected on either side of the box and it is not a boundary condition.

Hi jmcorn,

Would it be possible for you to upload your model here in the forum ? I think it would be easier for us to look at your model and understand what are the inputs and what parameters are set to run the model. After that we would be able to suggest / explain what’s going in the model. Cell orientation and flow direction might determine the calculation of flow. So, it would be helpful to look at your model first before making any judgement.