Boundary condition at water surface and bottom

what‘s the boundary type and specific boundary condition at free surface and bottom (Z=0,1) in EFDC model? I’m not very clear about that.
Looking forward for reply!!!

Hi cmyohh,
There are several boundary conditions types that can be used in EFDC model. They are as follows:
1) Flow boundary condition
2) Hydraulic structure / flow table
3) Open boundary condition (east, west, north, south)
4) Withdrawal and Return boundary condition
5) Jet/Plume boundary condition

You can also have a model with just wind and atmospheric forcing as boundary condition (aser and wser.inp). The boundary conditions such as flow (from bottom) representing as ground water flow, jet/plume boundary and withdrawal and return (flow withdrawn from bottom layer at one location and returned to another location) can be used at the bottom. I hope it helps.

Please be more specific about your questions. What type of waterbody / areas are you working on and what conditions do you want to be represented in EFDC model ? It would be easier to suggest when we have a clear picture of what you are looking for.


Janesh Devkota