Bottom Slope Data

Hi,I want to add different slope data for different reaches. But it seems that EE regards the input grids as one reaches, I just found where to add one slope data for all. If there are any ways to add different bottom slope data like for red and blue reaches?

or if it is possible to first add one reach and set the bottom slope data then add another one?

Hi yisu zhou,I would like to suggest a workaround regarding this problem. You may try to create a new data file with x,y,z information at certain points (breakpoints) and with the help of a corresponding polygon (.p2d) file (serve as a mask) you can then generate the slope you desire using the “Interpolate Data” function.The “Interpolate Data” function in EE use an inverse distance weighting method, you can also adjust the inverse distance power by clicking the “Other Options” tab. The default number is 3.I’ve attached a snapshot so you might be able to understand my method more easily, I set the inverse distance power to 1 so it provides a linear interpolation.Szu-Ting Lee