Binary to ascii

I need to process EFDC result outside the EE.How to convert EFDC+ results in ascii?Is the encoding format for output files (EE_BC.OUT, EE_VEL, EE_WC.OUT, EE_WS.OUT) provided somewhere?Thanks

You can use the GetEFDC utility here:

Thanks for your quick answer,I used the GetEFDC (version GetEFDC84_181204) to extract the model results genrated bu EE (version EE8.4.4 Rel 181128). It works fine until it tries to read EE_WC.OUT. Then I get an error. Below is the whole execution dialog: ************************************************************************ *** GetEFDC IS DEVELOPED BY DYNAMIC SOLUTIONS-INTERNATIONAL IN HANOI *** *** IT IS USED TO: *** *** EXTRACT EFDC OUTPUT FILES (BINARY) FOR LAYER/TIMESERIES DATA *** *** THE OPTIONS FOR EXTRACTION DATA IS IN THE FILE GETEFDC.INP *** *** THEREFORE PLEASE EDIT THIS FILE ACCORDING TO YOUR NEED FIRST *** *** THEN RUN THIS PROGRAM BY ENTERING THE FOLLOWING COMMAND: *** *** > GETEFDC.EXE GETEFDC.INP *** ************************************************************************ *** BUFFER: getefdc.inp ************************************************************************ *** READING GETEFDC.INP FILE *** READING THE EFDC INPUT FILES: *** READING EFDC.INP *** READING CELL.INP *** READING DXDY.INP *** READING LXLY.INP *** READING CORNERS.INP *** READING EE_WS.OUT AND EXPORTING DATA *** READING EE_VEL.OUT AND EXPORTING DATA *** READING EE_TUR.OUT AND EXPORTING DATA **** OPENING EE_TUR.OUT ERROR OR IT DOES NOT EXIST *** READING EE_WC.OUT AND EXPORTING DATAforrtl: severe (157): Program Exception - access violationImage PC Routine Line SourceGetEFDC.exe 00229D9F Unknown Unknown UnknownGetEFDC.exe 001D781A Unknown Unknown UnknownGetEFDC.exe 001D51DB Unknown Unknown UnknownGetEFDC.exe 0017D170 Unknown Unknown UnknownGetEFDC.exe 001AE727 Unknown Unknown UnknownGetEFDC.exe 0022C963 Unknown Unknown UnknownGetEFDC.exe 0022CD64 Unknown Unknown UnknownKERNEL32.DLL 7500FE09 Unknown Unknown Unknownntdll.dll 7723607D Unknown Unknown Unknownntdll.dll 7723604D Unknown Unknown Unknown