Bathymetry Comparison

Dear EFDC Team
I have a problem about the bathymetry comparison to know volume differences between two model. I used Alt-V key to display it. How it must be?
Note : with the same procedure i used Alt-M to know bathymetry differences and its ok.

Hi Dyah,

There is not a direct comparison of volume differences between two models. However, it can be achieved easily using the following approach:

1) Load the base model and comparison model.
2) Go to Viewing Options and go to Water Levels.
3) Press Alt + M to show the differences in depth between two models.
4) Go to Model results extraction tool on the top and then choose “Extract Model results using Existing IJ Pairs in a File with Manual Points: Appended”.
5) A window will show and lets you choose the file containing IJ pairs. You can point to dxdy.inp and it will automatically find the number of points and allows you to extract the depth difference between the two models.
6) Then you can use dx , dy from dxdy.inp and multiply by depth difference to find the difference in volume.

Hope it helps.