Bad or Wrong EE_WC file; error

I tried the tutorial lesson about “Buliding a 1D river model” in this page I have run the model. However, when I tried the “6 Model Post Processing” and turned to “2D ViewPlan”, an error occured, which was shown in ERROR and ERROR2. The input and output files are also uploaded in this attachment file. (The website said that I cannot uploaded the file for the safety reason, so I uploaded the attachment in GOOGLE DRIVE )Could someone find what’s wrong about it?

Hello Ravina, 1. Please find the attached figure to see where you can change the wind drag coefficient. To find the atmospheric parameters window you need to define the atmospheric series first. {REMOVED} 2. When you select the Smagorinsky coefficient, you can select “activate HMD with Smagorinsky” option. Best, Janesh Devkota

Hello Janesh,

Thank you so much for your detailed response! It really helps a lot! But I still have a little doubt as follows.

(1) I can’t find where to change the Wind drag coefficient? Could you show me a printscreen of that?

(2) When I set the value of Smagorinsky Coefficient, I should select “activate HMD with Smagorinsky” or “activate HMD with Smagorinsky, wall drag and WC Diffusion”?

Thank you very much!


Dear Janesh,Your previous post introducing the parameters and their ranges is really helpful, but how can I reference them?Do you have any published form showing them? Additionally, what can be a reasonable range for vertical molecular diffusivity (m2/s), called ABO? Sincerely,Minjeong