Auto-ramp animation

Dear EFDC users, I simulated dye in a coastal model and observed that dye concentration crossed the land. Please find the attached video. I used auto-ramp to generate the video. Though the concentration range was from 0 to 0, it still looks weird that dye crossed the land. Did I miss something defining land between two coastal areas? I attached the figure showing BC I made. Additionally, I want to make zero concentration shown blue when all concentrations became zero, unlike the video showing still blue and red. How can I make it with auto-ramp? Thanks! Sincerely,Minjoeng

This appears to be an issue with the color interpolation for the gradient fill option. If you turn that option off do you still see this phenomenon? We will look to correct it in a future release. If it persists with gradient fill off, can you please send the model (#output excluded) for us to review?