Artificial lake water pumping simulation

Dear EE team,

I have one question of the Withdrawal/Return BC. I would like to simulate the artficial lake water quality, and there is no huge flow of the Lake, therefore water quality would be bad then I use a water pump to circulate the water(Withdrawal Return BC). However, I compare two situations, no pump situation water quality is better. I donot know the reason. Or EE cannot simulate the circulating process?

Hi Borealstormhu
Sorry for the late reply, when using the W-R boundary, other than the flow, the other components used are the difference of value in Withdrawal and Return, or in other words they are delta. Could you please double-check the W-R boundary to see if you have set it up correctly, or you can send your model to the email address I will look at your model setup.


Please refer to
Controlled using Time Series - EFDC_Explorer 10 Knowledge Base - Confluence (