Arcgis software linkage

I want the outputs of EFDC show in Arcgis software, how can I do it?

What output do do want to show in Arcgis ? Grids, temperatures ? Can you be more specific so that I could help you ?



I want grid and temperature to be show in ARCGIS!How to do them? Thank you very much!


I think it would be easier to export the grid if you have access to “DELFT3D” software package. On the DELFT3D model, there is a sub module called QUICKPLOT. This would allow you to convert your model grid to the shapefile. Once you convert your model grid to shapefile you would be able to load it into the ArcGIS. You can easily export the temperature data from the EFDC Explorer. To export the temperature at particular time go to “Extract x,y and current value using mouse or point”. Then choose the option 2 and then point to the dxdy.inp file. Then the temperature at all the files will be output. You can create your own x,y or i,j files also to export the data. Now you have grid and temperature data. You can create the graphs in ArcGis or any other software.

Hope it helps.



I am not sure what you meant but to show your model results in the Global, Techplot or Mapinfo softwares at current viewing time in EE, you just simple hit to DAT Export Icon in the 2D PlanView to export to *.KML or *.PLT format data files.

In order to explore the EFDC Model results such as time series, vertical profiles, comparisons at any timesteps, EE would give you more convenient, I think.

// Tinh

Step 1: export single or multiple time stamp result(s) to PLT file
Step 2: review the data in PLT file, each cell consists of four corner points, and the third number of a row is your parameter value (scalar type)
Step 3: write code in python or ArcObjects to convert this file to polygon shapefile