An error in velocity visualization

Hello All,
I am simulating a WWTP discharge to a river (main channel). The discharge goes into a ditch, and this ditch connects to the main channel.

Since i cannot upload figures to this forum, so i will try to explain it using plain text.
- point A is the upstream boundary where my discharge located
- point B is the point where main channel connecst to the dicth

Here comes my problem. If correct, flow should go from A to B, since A is the upstream. But with EE visualization, the flow is from B to A, which is obviously wrong. While when i checked the WSE, the WSE at point A is higher than point B. So something may be wrong with the display, either the velocity or WSE, since they are contradict with each other. It is not likely a hydraulic jump (although i am not sure whether EFDC can simulate it), since velocity is really low, around 0.1 m/s

Thanks for your insight,

We need to see your model and your set up to determine the issue. If water level at A is higher B it is obvious that flow direction is from A to B. You should check the sign of discharge at A. In this case the discharge at A must be positive to make sure that the flow is going to the domain. You can send us the input files to if you can’t solve the issue and we will have a look if we have time.