A steep increase of erosion by increased shear stress at low tide level in wave condition

I have questions about sediment transport simulation to use wave module.
I’m simulating non-cohesive sediment transporting combined wave and tidal current.
As depth decrease approximately under 0.2m at low tide in tidal flat zone, the shear stress increased steeply by wave acting.
Then, sediment bed is eroded steeply.
I think it needs a function to control shear stress or bed change etc. when the stress is too large
Otherwise is there a way to solve this problem?
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Hi Hibako,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The shear stress you are getting is definitely not realistic and we need to put a limit on shear stress. We recognize this as an issue that can be solved by limiting the shear stress. Could you please tell us which version of EE you are using so that we could release a patch that would solve this issue ?

Janesh Devkota

I’m using EE 7.3.
But it also seems to be experiencing this problem in previous versions.