A question of post-processing

There is a problem in the post-processing of my model results. I need the spatial distribution of salinity for tidal average (the average value in a period of 30 tidal cycles). However, I did not find any easy method to calculate this kind of data, other than extracting the spatial distribution of slainity for each hourly snapshot and then make an average. Is there any method to extract model results directly from the .OUT file without EE? Or, EE has already contained some feature to analyze time-average spatial results?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!

Yes, within EE you can use water column statistics tool. - Go to ViewPlan, - Select Water Column by Layer, Salinity. - Select General Statistics button on the top of the form - Select “No” for whole domain. - EE will ask if you want a time series of the volume weighted averages. Select “Yes”. - Select option 1 for concentration and volume. - Select the time period you want this for. - In the time series viewer you can select F2 to see various options for analysis - we recommend you select ALT-S - Display Line Statistics by Time Blocks Alternatively you can use the GetEFDC tool that is downloadable from this site under Downloads > EFDC_DSI > Utilities. Attached files