2 extra layers added to the adjusted sediment bed layers!


I am working with EE 7.3, and I need to simulate one sediment layer of 1 meter in a rectangular domain. When I try to create the initial sediment bed properties and adjust 1 layer for the sediment, EE adds 2 more layers and creates 3 layers. I was wondering if anybody could help me to figure out what the problem is.


Hi Mali,

It is a feature of EFDC Explorer. The reason EFDC Explorer will automatically assign to more layers is to account for the deposition in the system. The two layers would allow the cells to have erosion and deposition efficiently. When we have these two extra layers, then when there is a large deposition, then the deposited mass will be moved to the bottom layers with the same properties as the top layer.

I hope it helps.

Janesh Devkota