1) GetEFDC error + 2) Updating manually changed input file in the interface

Dear EFDC users,Good day.I have questions about using GetEFDC (fortran) and updating manually changed input files in the EE interface. 1) GetEFDC errorPlease find the attachments of getefdc.inp and output folder (i.e. #output.zip) of my working model. I used getefdc.bat provided on July 25, 2018 and I encountered the error in reading EE_WC.out (please see Getefdc_error.jpg). How can I solve this error? Additionally, I found that GetEFDC for matlab existed before. Where can I access it? 2) Updating manually changed input file in the EE interface. I manually added BC by changing EFDC.inp file (C24, C25, and C26), and ran the model out of the interface by clicking the batch file. Now, I have manually changed EFDC.inp and manually obtained output files. However, EE interface can not visualize the updated BC and new output results. Did I miss something or is there any way to make EE interface to read and visualize manually changed input and output files? Thank you for reading. Sincerely,Minjeong

I found that getefdc.inp wasn’t uploaded for security reasons, thus I pasted the file here. ** COMMENT LINES START WITH ""** GETEFDC VER. 161128 IS USED TO:** EXTRACT EFDC BINARY FILES .OUT (EFDC 6.0 OR LATER) TO NETCDF AND ASCII FILES FOR:* 1.TIME SERIES AT SOME LOCATIONS DETERMINED BY (I,J) OR (X,Y) ** 2.TECPLOT OF ONE LAYER (K>=0) AT OME SPECIFIC SNAPSHOT** 3.ARRAYS OF DATA*** OBLIGATORY INPUT FILES:** 0.GETEFDC.INP: THIS FILE** 1.EFDC.INP** 2.LXLY.INP** 3.DXDY.INP** 4.CELL.INP** 5.CORNERS.INP** 6.MAPPGNS.INP** 7.MAPPGEW.INP** ** THE FOLLOWING BINARY FILES WILL BE READ ACCORDING TO SELECTED ITEMS** 1.EE_WS.OUT ** 2.EE_VEL.OUT ** 3.EE_WC.OUT ** 4.EE_WQ.OUT ** 5.EE_DRIFTER.OUT** 6.EE_BC.OUT** 7.EE_BED.OUT** 8.EE_TUR.OUT**** OUPUT OF GETEFDC IS STORED IN RESULT FOLDER********************************************************************************* THE FULL PATH OF INP FILES is determined by the file efdc.inp:C:\Users\USER1407\Desktop\matlab\efdc.inp******************************************************************************* OPTIONS FOR OUTPUT:** LAYK = K>0: DATA AT LAYER NUMBER K TO BE EXPORTED AT TIME=JULTIME ** 0: DEPTH-AVERAGED DATA IS EXPORTED** -1: Get High Frequency output FOR CELLS** -2: Extract data for Time series at a height above bed (m)** -3: LOAD TMP.DAT AND EXPORT TECPLOT**** ZOPT = 1: FOR THE DEPTH UNDER WATER SURFACE IF LAYK=-2** 2: FOR THE HEIGHT ABOVE BOTTOM IF LAYK=-2** NDRIFTER : N1:N2 A SET OF DRIFTER TO GET (X,Y,Z)****** JULTIME : JULIAN TIME FOR SELECTED LAYER** > MAXTIME THEN JULTIME=MAXTIME** 0 DATA FOR ALL SNAPSHOT** NLOC : NUMBER OF CELLS TO EXTRACT TIMESERIES** ROTA = 1: (U,V) AT CELL CENTER ROTATED TO TRUE EAST AND TRUE NORTH** 0: (U,V) AT CELL FACES WITHOUT ROTATION** INDEX = 1: (I,J) OF CELLS ARE GIVEN** 0: (X,Y) OF CELLS ARE GIVEN** VPROF = 1: EXPORT VERTICAL PROFILE** = 0: NO EXPORTATION FOR VERTICAL PROFILE**** TECPLOT = 1: EXPORT DATA FOR TECPLOT** = 0: NO TECPLOT EXPORTATION********************************************************************************* LAYK JULTIME NLOC ROTA INDEX VPROF TECPLOT ZOPT NDRIFTER 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 1 1:5******************************************************************************* I/X : I Index or X of cell**** J/Y : J Index or Y of cell**** ZINT : THE DEPTH UNDER WS OR HEIGHT ABOVE BED (m) ** FOR TIME SERIES EXTRACTION IF LAYK=-2********************************************************************************* I/X J/Y ZINT(m)** 314782.0 3941547.0 0.5 29 3 0.5

Hi Minjeong, to help understand the issue you are having, can you please tell me which version of EEMS you are using? I am sorry, but the MATLAB version of GetEFDC is out of date and not currently supported.

Thanks for your reply. I’m currently using EE8.4.

Dear EEMS Team, For reminding you, I haven’t received the answers for my questions. 1) GetEFDC error in reading EE_WC.out generated by EE8.4 with TOXIC module. I used the the version of GetEFDC, released on 2018-07-25. 2) Updating manually changed input and output files in the EE interface.I’m looking forward to having your reply. Thank you!Sincerely,Minjeong

We have made an update to GetEFDC that is now available for download. Please let us know if this doesn’t resolve the issue.https://www.eemodelingsystem.com/user-center/downloads/utilities

Dear EEMS Team,The updated version works; however just in case when getefdc.inp has more than 1 line of ‘I/X; J/Y; ZINT’. When it had only 1 line of them, it had an error. Thanks, Minjeong

Dear EEMS Team, Hello, could you please check the units of TOXIC outputs generated by GETEFDC? They are not consistent. For examples, TOX_DOM.DAT [MG/L]; TOX_CEL.DAT [ug/L]; TOXB_DOM.DAT [MG/L]; TOXB_CEL.DAT [ug/L]. Isn’t [ug/L] correct for everything? Thanks, Minjeong