Need help with ASER.INP file

Hi All,
Can anyone provide me with a template ASER.INP file or guide me with steps that how can I create a new ASER.INP file?
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dumby08 wrote: Hi All,
I have attached following file ASER2.txt where I have data for ASER parameters. How can I import it in EFDC Explorer and save it with appropriate header?
Your help is truly appreciated.

Hi Rumana,
It is not difficult to import the ASER data into the EFDC Explorer. Since you have already the data for aser you can go to the boundary tab and under atmospheric you can see a little button "E". Then you can click on this button. When you open with this button, a form will be displayed. In this form first of all you need to define the number of time series. If you are using only one set of data then you can choose the number of series to be 1 and copy the data you have attached on the form that will be displayed. However, you need to make sure you have set up the data correctly.
In the first column, there should be time, then patm, air temperature, Relative humidity / wet bulb temp, Rainfall, evaporation, solar radiation, cloud cover.
If you do not have wet bulb temperature and you have relative humidity then you can click on the button "Show Params" then there is an option whether you would enter the wet bulb temp or relative humidity". If you are using relative humidity then, put value equal to 1. Again, in most of the cases, evaporation data is not available you can choose to calculate evaporation internally. After you enter all the data then you can close the form and save your project. After you save your project then you should be able to see the aser.inp file created in the folder where you have developed the model.

I hope it helps.

Let me know if you are still troubled by this issue.



Hello John,
Thank you very much for such detailed guideline.
I could generate the ASER.INP file with my own data.
I appreciate your valuable time.