Is it possible to only display date in the vertical Profile?

In the Vertical profile of EFDC Explorer, by default it displays the Data time and Model time in Julian days. I was wondering if it is possible to hide the model time. If it is not possible I want to display the model Julian date format to be changed. Right now in my vertical profile the Model Julian date has more than 8 digits after the decimal so when I save the profile as EMF, then Model Julian date and the Date of next profile overlaps and which doesn’t look good. It is possible to just display 3 digits after the decimal for the Julian days ? Thank you. I have upload the image on this website Vertical Profile John.

Hi John, we are sorry about that. This is a left over from shifting from single to double precision digits. We will fix this in the next release of bug fixes for EE6 and EE7.

Hi John, we have checked several models in EE6 and EE7 and are unable to replicate this issue. If you would like to send your model inputs and example vertical temperature data to us at we will try to work out what the issue is.