BAL2T.OUT size limit

Is there a size limitation on the BAL2T.OUT file? If so, is there a way of circumventing this limit so that runs do not end prematurely?


Could you explain a little bit more about this issue ? What kind of error did you get when the model ran prematurely ?


Hi Janesh,

EFDC_DSI_OMP terminated prematurely on several runs at a file size of ~11GB. The message was something along the lines of ‘file size exceeded’. I will try to recreate the error message again and let you know the exact error message.

Thanks again for your help.


Hi David, we don’t think this is an EFDC issue and is more likely to be a Win OS problem. We have binary files much larger than this with no problem.
However, we do wonder how you will use this output. The purpose of this is for mass balance and once you have completed testing on the model then it should be switched it off in the “Run Time Diagnostics” form. The output size is controlled by the delta T and you may also specify the number of time steps in this form. Generally it is not needed except for testing the initial setup.

I am also getting a similar error. Have tried to run the model several times and decreased the number of times (snapshots) that EFDC write the output. It always seems to crash between 11 to 12 GB with the error 'forrtl: The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation. fort: severe : error during write, unit 89, file F:SimulationsBAL2T.OUT.
There is plenty of space on the hard drive, and the disk is not fragmented. It seems the size of BAL2T.OUT is too big, but not sure how to control the size of this, or how to fix the error.